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Top 10 Law Enforcement Solutions Companies - 2022

Today, all of the benefits come with hazards; therefore the need for a tech-savvy and tech-enabled police force is obvious. Having a cutting-edge technological security posture is now a requirement. It simply translates to realigning investment in technology, innovation, and procedures to better effectively execute an agency's or department's goal in public safety and law enforcement.

In addition to existing biometric data such as facial, voice, and iris recognition, as well as gait analysis, law enforcement organizations are also employing new technology such as augmented reality, body cameras, license plate readers, and more. From automatic license plate recognition, which gives officers more precise information before a confrontation, to vehicle-based video, this gives officers an extra set of eyes so they are never alone. These data can provide useful insights and open up new ways of policing for today's public safety officers. Furthermore, with so much of public life being recorded digitally, combining the value of existing police data with "open data" available online will offer cops with more information in real time. To this end, artificial intelligence and machine learning are already playing a key role in data science.

At this juncture, law enforcement solution providers with advanced and integrated offerings are on the rise. To help agencies strengthen their operations capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, CIOReview Europe has compiled a list of the 10 most promising law enforcement solution providers. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges in the law enforcement arena by implementing its current trends.

We present to you CIOReview Europe’s “10 Most Promising Law Enforcement Solutions Providers in Europe – 2022.”

    Top Law Enforcement Solutions Companies

  • The company’s namesake open-source intelligence (OSINT) and graphical link analysis platform empowers investigators by centrally gathering and connecting everypiece of information for their investigation and displaying relationships and patterns across diverse datasets.By adding Maltego to their toolkit, investigators can combine data enrichment, contextualisation, and human analysis in a centralised location.Maltego offers the ability to easily connect data and functionalities from diverse sources using “Transforms,” complex query commands tailored to extract information from specific datasets. Via the “Transform Hub,” its data integrations marketplace, you can connect with disparate datasets from third-party intel providers, a variety of public sources (OSINT) as well as your own internal data. Maltego´s neutrality, in this regard,attends to the needs of the investigators first—which facilitates the integration of competing data systems as well. Besides the data integration, the platform’s graphical analysis capabilities enable investigators to visualise and correlate information from separate sources without having to switch between platforms or interfaces.

  • Sedicii is establishing a federated, global identity verification network, which enables real-time identity verification by certified, trusted identity providers

  • Social Links equips law enforcement and government agencies with robust OSINT solutions to help them extract, analyze, and visualize data across social media platforms, blockchain, and the dark web. This accelerates and increases the investigation success rate against crime, terrorism, and security breaches. The company leverages an innovative investigation approach that combines DNA profiling and established OSINT methods, enabling investigators to identify criminals based on their genealogy, physical features, and ethnic origin. Social Links has connected more than 500 open sources and more than 1,100 search methods to conduct investigations in a single app. No wonder more than 500 customers, including companies from the S&P 500 and law enforcement agencies from more than 50 countries, rely on its solutions.

  • C.S.T


    C.S.T develops and markets security features for identity documents and banknotes and designs innovative processes that reveal traces and clues allowing the identification of criminals

  • Cognitec


    Cognitec develops market-leading face recognition technologies for enterprise and government customers around the world

  • DigiVox


    DigiVox develops various advanced security-related applications, primarily used by law enforcement/intelligence agencies and telecom service providers

  • EVE compliancy solutions

    EVE compliancy solutions

    EVE Compliancy Solutions offers a standards-based ecosystem of software solutions for providers and law enforcement agencies

  • NEC


    NEC enables businesses and communities to adapt to rapid changes taking place in both society and the market as it provides for the social values

  • Securetec


    Securetec manufactures DrugWipe ® rapid drug test used by police and customs around the world and offers 25 years of extensive development experience in lateral flow technology



    ZEPCAM provides mobile video support, intelligence, and evidence systems to enable frontline professionals to deal with the unexpected events that come with their job

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